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Safe Stacking of Timber

The Safe Stacking of Timber Guidance Document has been produced by the Workplace Health and Safety Subcommittee (WHSS) – a subcommittee of the Softwood Manufacturing Chamber of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA). The WHSS Strategic Plan is supported by a number of initiatives identified as being fundamental to success in improving the health, safety and well being of people employed in the timber processing industry.

One of these strategic initiatives is the development of guidance documents (for use within the timber processing industry). The Safe Stacking of Timber is the first of several guidance documents to be released.

Timber stacks that have been inappropriately located, constructed, and maintained can be a significant safety risk that could potentially result in injury and death. The Guidance Document has been developed in consultation with timber industry and safety representatives to be used as a practical reference resource for managers and employees on how to identify and manage safety risks associated with stacking timber.

Read the document here – Final Timber Stacking Guideline – (August 2021)




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