Queens Birthday honour for Australian forest leader

Forest industry icon Rob de Fegely has been honoured in today’s Queens Birthday Honours with a Member of the Order of Australia for:

“Significant service to the forestry industry through business and advisory roles.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Ross Hampton said, “This honour is well deserved and will be applauded right around Australia. Rob de Fegely is a learned forester who has for decades displayed a strong public service ethic, taking leadership roles in important bodies and helping shape the future of Australia’s sustainable forest industries.”

“Rob is Chair of Sustainable Timbers Tasmania and Co-Chair of the Federal Minster’s Forest Industry Advisory Council, and is immediate past president of the Australian Institute of Foresters of Australia.”

“Rob has been a persuasive and moderate voice of reason in the sometimes less than reasonable forestry debates regarding native forestry, always delivering the facts with calmness and clarity.”

“This honour is well deserved and reflects well on Rob and the forest industries of this nation”, Mr Hampton concluded.


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