‘Timber Beacon’ will turn heads at Glasgow COP, but more support needed

The push for timber and fibre as a major climate change solution is on ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, with a reusable timber pavilion concept or ‘Timber Beacon’ gaining momentum to be staged for the event.

The ‘Timber Beacon’ will be located at the COP site during the climate talks in November, but it needs more support to get it across the line, Australian Forest Product Association (AFPA) CEO Ross Hampton, who is also a member of the Beacon’s organising committee, said today.

“Responsible creation and use of wood and fibre products is a major part of the world’s fight against climate change. That is why it’s so important to make sure the ‘Timber Beacon’ is front and centre in Glasgow for the duration of the talks in front of world leaders. It will represent the importance of our industries internationally,” Mr Hampton said.

“Without harnessing wood and fibre, ambitious net zero targets across the world cannot be achieved.”

The ‘Timber Beacon’ is dRMM’s architects’ response to the collective brief of a unique global timber industry collaboration. The 25+ strong alliance of innovators in engineered mass timber and wood-based products, global forest growth and development, are led by CEI-Bois, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries and the UK Timber Trade Federation.

“As world leaders discuss our global responsibilities and collective response to climate change during COP26, our message for the future will be powerfully three dimensional: in wood there is hope,” said dRMM founding director, Prof Alex de Rijke.

Sponsorship is still being sought to realise the full potential of this project. To find out more, contact AFPA.

*Ross Hampton is a Member of the International Partners Advisory Body established by the EU Confederation of Woodworking Industries and Chair of the UN FAO Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries.

ABOVE: The Timber Beacon impression.

Click on the link to see an animation: dRMM TimberBeacon Animation – YouTube



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