NFF LIst of essential services in Australia and information pages

On Friday 27 March the National Farmers Federation published a list of how primary industry was being classified federally and in each state and territory.

  • The Commonwealth recognised agriculture as an essential service on 25/3/20.
  • Queensland has deemed the transport of food as a ‘critical’ service that is exempt from the border restrictions the Qld govt announced on 26/3/20.
  • NSW has listed ‘primary industry production and related businesses and the entire food chain as an ‘essential industry’.
  • Victoria has listed farms and agribusiness as not included in the current bans agreed by the National Cabinet on 24/3/20.
  • South Australia has classified food and food production as an essential service. Primary produce coming over the border will be exempt.
  • Western Australia recognised food deliveries as unrestricted under its Emergency Management Act on 20/3/20.
  • Northern Territory has not listed agriculture as an essential service but has listed Food markets, grocery stores, retail and shopping centres that is necessary for the normal business of those premises.
The NFF also has three dedicated pages to help give access to primary industry relevant information.


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