Tuesday 4 August – Victorian CoVid-19 briefing

On Tuesday Premier Daniel Andrews gave an update on the CoVid-19 situation in Victoria, foucssing on the increased penalties now being enforced.

You can read his statement here.

The major points are:

  1. Regional Victoria is under Stage 3 ‘Stay at Home’ Restrictions which only allow shopping for food and essential items; Care and caregiving; Daily exercise; Work and study – if you can’t do it from home. Wearing of masks is compulsory.
  2.  Metropolitan Melbourne is under Stage 4 ‘Stay at Home’ Restrictions for a 6-week period.
    1. 31 councils included.
    2. Residents will only be allowed to shop for food and necessary supplies within 5 kilometres of their home.
    3. Exercise will be limited to one hour once per day, within 5km of home.
    4. A curfew will apply from 8:00pm to 5:00am each night. This has been enforced since last night.
    5. Wearing of masks compulsory.
    6. All Victorians are required to work from home except where it is not practicable.

The published list of industries which are impacted by level 3 and 4 restrictions can be read here.
There are additional industry restrictions some starting from 11.59 pm this Wednesday, 5 August 2020 and construction industry restrictions are starting 11.59 pm this Friday, 7 August 2020.

The Victorian Government has said given the scale of what’s happening there are some changes which will have to be updated and revised and it has committed to doing this in a timely fashion.



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