Wednesday 2 June 2021 – Victoria extends COVID 19 lockdown by another 7 days to midnight 10 June

The Victorian Government has announced that due to the continuing spike in cases of COVID 19 the full lockdown announced last week is to be extended by another seven days until midnight 10 June. But it has warned that Melbourne residents will still have travel restrictions in place for the following Queens Birthday long weekend. AS well finanancial assistance is on offer to businesses affected by the lockdowns. The restrictions for regional Victoria have been lightened and those working in forest industry operations for the purposes of, or relating to:

  • production of firewood for heating of premises; or
  • production of pallets; or
  • production of building supplies for construction; or
  • production of other goods required for other permitted activities (e.g. paper, packaging, caskets and coffins);

Will not be affected by the lockdown.

We will also be updating this webpage with any changes to the situation.


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