Emissions Reduction Fund integrity vital, but Government process should be followed

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has reiterated strong support for a rigorous and effective Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) that will help Australia fight climate change. AFPA Chief Executive Officer Ross Hampton said however, that the Federal Government has a review process in place and Senator David Pocock’s move to debate forest industries’ access to carbon markets in the Senate is disappointing.


“Australia’s forest industries are essential. They help fight climate change and grow and manufacture the products we need in our daily lives. Access to high integrity carbon markets is critical to grow the forestry estate and ensure we have enough timber and fibre in the future,” Ross Hampton said.


“The Government’s Chubb Review is currently being conducted into Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) to ensure the integrity of our carbon markets and AFPA is engaged with the process.


“It is therefore disappointing that Senator David Pocock has moved to debate forest industries’ access to carbon markets in the Senate, instead of accepting the Government’s Chubb Review process.


“AFPA has engaged in good faith with Senator Pocock and we know he understands the importance of growing Australia’s forest industries and securing our future timber and fibre supply. The Government’s process is vital here because the integrity of Australia’s carbon credit markets are of paramount importance,” Ross Hampton concluded.




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