Australian forestry joins battle against climate change

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) congratulates the Government on today’s release of the draft Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) forest plantation methodology for public comment.

Chair of AFPA Mr Greg McCormack said, “Scientists and foresters have worked closely with Federal departments to ensure that the carbon storage mathematics in this draft methodology is bulletproof. Rotational forestry is not just good for jobs in the bush, but also one of the best, and most cost-effective tools, for storing carbon and reducing Australia’s carbon emissions profile.”

The draft methodology covers forest plantations which are in addition to those already growing. Under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) reverse auction, the lowest possible price is paid for emissions reduction.

The plantation methodology will allow forest growers and farmers to factor the possibility of a small carbon payment into the high cost of establishing areas of new trees.

Mr McCormack said, “The commitment required under the draft methodology is for a forest grower or farmer to maintain the planting for at least twenty-five years – receiving a modest carbon payment each year for the first ten years.  

“The additional income will be very minor compared to the very high costs borne over that first ten-year period. This will ensure that only the most sensible choices are made about where to plant trees – such as close to major processing facilities in Tumut and Oberon in NSW, or Gippsland in Victoria, or near Mt Gambier, South Australia, or Bunbury in Western Australia, or in Tasmania.”



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