Multi-use forests and sustainable native forestry important for biodiversity

National Threatened Species Day is a great opportunity to recognise the environmental benefits of NSW’s sustainably managed multi-use forests alongside the state’s National Parks, the Australian Forest Products Association of NSW (AFPA NSW) CEO Sue Grau said today.


“We congratulate the NSW Government for their focus on biodiversity and their drive to manage threatened species within National Parks. We should also recognise and applaud the conservation and biodiversity role of our sustainably-managed native forestry operations in our multi-use forests and by our farm foresters,” said Ms Grau.


“Well managed and sustainable native forestry will be important for maintaining biodiversity in the state and we look forward to working with the NSW Government to assess all the environmental benefits of the industry.


“This includes carbon storage – the continual forest regeneration that is part and parcel of our industry means carbon is stored within those beautiful hardwood products we know and love. Our floors, decks and furniture made from NSW timbers are a vital part of reducing carbon emissions.


“Maintaining biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions are just two reasons why multi-use forests need to be part of the NSW Government’s environmental targets of zero emissions and zero extinctions. This contribution relies on maintaining areas of current timber production and could be increased by incentivising native forestry on farms,” concluded Ms Grau.


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