A new Australian Forest Products Association Board (AFPA) was elected today with re-elected AFPA Chairman and Chairman of Midway Limited, Greg McCormack saying that it reflected the diversity of the industry and was ready to take on new challenges facing the sector.

The AFPA board now includes 2 new appointed members being Stacey Gardiner, the General Manager at the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) and Diana Gibbs, a resource economist and a member of the NSW Rural Assistance Authority Advisory Board.

“The new AFPA Board continues to represent the diversity of the industry and all of our members have long and distinguished service in their respective fields which means a wealth of knowledge and experience to keep advocating for the sector,” Mr McCormack said.

Other AFPA Board members include:

  • Jean-Yves Nouaze, AFPA Deputy Chairman and Executive General Manager, Visy Pulp and Paper
  • Peter Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Paper
  • Paul Michael, Executive Chairman, Weathertex
  • Ian Telfer, Chief Executive Officer, WA Plantation Resources
  • Jon Kleinschmidt, Chief Executive Officer, Hyne Timber
  • James Malone, Chief Executive Officer, Wesbeam
  • Islay Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, HQPlantation
  • Mark Rogers, Managing Director, New Forests
  • Steve Whiteley, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Timber Tasmania

The new AFPA Board understand the challenges the industry faces including the recent decision by the Victorian Labor Government to shut down the state’s native forestry industry.

AFPA represents all sections of the forest products industry including processing and pulp, paper and bioproduct industries. This includes all elements of the value chain from the sustainable harvesting of plantations and multiple use natural forest resource including forest establishment and management, harvesting and haulage, processing of timber resources and manufacture of pulp, paper and bioproducts.

AFPA’s membership falls under four chambers (Growers, Hardwood Processing, Softwood Manufacturing, and Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts) representing the core business of organisations at different points in the value chain.


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