Forest equipment best practice guide

The Forest Equipment Best practice guide has been produced by the Forest Industries Research Centre (FIRC) based on an earlier Protective Guarding Structures Best Practice Guideline document produced by PF Olsen Australia. The Guideline is intended to support the forest industry in Australia by providing a best practice approach to support decision making in the […]

Forest Safety Code Tasmania

The Forest Safety Code (Tasmania) 2021 came into effect on Wednesday 2 March 2022 replacing the previous 2007 version. It provides practical advice on how to manage risks in the Tasmanian forest industry. The document developed in consultation with industry representatives covers a myriad of topics, not limited to – general safety principles for working […]

‘Safe and Skilled’ made more accessible to forestry workers

The key forest industry safety training program, Safe and Skilled, has been enhanced to deliver even more safety awareness for employees across workplaces. The changes come after the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Growers Chamber ratified a suite of program improvements designed to ensure employees are correctly trained on safety.   “With the assistance of […]

Safe Stacking of Timber

The Safe Stacking of Timber Guidance Document has been produced by the Workplace Health and Safety Subcommittee (WHSS) – a subcommittee of the Softwood Manufacturing Chamber of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA). The WHSS Strategic Plan is supported by a number of initiatives identified as being fundamental to success in improving the health, safety […]

Log Haulage Manual

The Log Haulage Manual 2014 has been produced by ForestWorks, supported by an Industry Steering Committee, comprising specialists and technical experts from across Australia. The manual details safety standards and best practice operations for the industry around load restraint; loading and unloading trucks; transporting forestry logs and produce. Whilst designed primarily for use by workers […]

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