Senator Ricky Muir lends his voice to Forestry’s carbon message

In the same week that the Senate has supported the Coalition’s push to reinstate native forest wood waste in the Renewable Energy Target (RET), Senator Ricky Muir, the Victorian Senator representing the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party in Federal Parliament, is today launching a video praising the renewable virtues of Australia’s sustainable forest industries in Parliament House.

Senator Muir agreed to provide the Aussie voice-over for an Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) 1 minute, 47 second video, ‘The Forestry Carbon Cycle’, which explains in simple terms the positive role the industry plays in the carbon cycle. The video reveals that while the industry uses sustainably sourced timber for end products such as fine flooring or high quality paper, it also makes use of the offcuts and organic waste from these processes to largely power these operations. In April, Senator Muir hosted a viewing of the video to his former sawmill workmates and industry representatives at Australian Sustainable Hardwoods, his former workplace in Gippsland.

Senator Ricky Muir said, “I am very happy to be providing support for Australia’s timber industry. Not only is it an industry which put food on the table for my family and I for many years, but it also provides income for some 21,000 Victorians. I strongly believe that all sides of politics need to be supporting Australia’s sustainable timber industry which is bound by a strict code of practice. If Australia does not support its own sustainable forestry industry, we will end up with no choice but to purchase foreign products which have no code of practice or strict chains of custody which the Australian forestry industry is governed by.”

Chief Executive Officer of AFPA, Mr Ross Hampton said, “Internationally it is broadly accepted that well-managed, sustainable forest industries are the environment’s best friend. Senator Muir’s background in the industry has given him this insight. We hope many other of our political leaders also add their weight to promoting this industry which delivers some 120 000 direct jobs – largely in regional Australia.”

“This week the Senate has passed legislation on the reinstatement of native forest wood waste in the RET, and this video succinctly outlines why this common sense policy is renewable energy at its best and most sustainable. As the video says, ‘The industry’s use of its primary raw material to manufacture high value products and produce biomass-based energy is highly efficient, and is part of the solution to maintain jobs and a healthy environment for generations to come’,” said Mr Hampton.

The Forestry Carbon Cycle’ video was originally produced by the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA).


25.06.2015 Senator Ricky Muir lends his voice to Forestry’s carbon message


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