Turnbull Government dithers on CFI for plantations


The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has called on the Turnbull Government to immediately release the draft Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) methodology relating to forestry for public comment, and honour its election promise to allow plantations (hardwood and softwood) to contribute to Australia’s emissions reduction goals.

Before the election, the Turnbull Government committed to release the CFI methodology for consultation in time for forest industries to participate in the fourth Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction scheduled for 16 November. This deadline has already been missed as projects had to have been registered by 14 October.

AFPA Chairman Mr Greg McCormack said, “The scientists completed their work on this methodology many months ago. They have painstakingly done the maths and they say it is beyond doubt that plantations which are grown for 25 years or more will deliver carbon reductions and are a valid participant in the ERF reverse auction process. It is inexplicable to the tens of thousands who work in forestry focused electorates all over Australia that the Government is still sitting on the methodology.”


The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) allows farmers and other land managers to earn carbon credits by storing carbon or reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the land under an approved CFI methodology.

Recognition of domestic forestry activities for their carbon benefits in national climate policy has been a long-standing bipartisan commitment.

16.10.2016 Turnbull Government dithers on CFI for plantations


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